A. Each and every being in the world is divine by nature. The divinity in people differs only by degrees, but not in kind. Even so-called atheists have rays of divinity in them. The actions of good, bad, or ugly vary in proportion. Even murderers, robbers, or drug dealers who commit vicious actions have some good in them. However subtle a pure action may be, it is to be considered as worship, or meditation. Meditation is not about just sitting in silence in a corner and thinking of the Lord. Actions that tend to purify the grossness of the individual are to be collectively treated as meditation. The difference is the speed of your evolution. The evolution of the soul takes place when you do good, selfless acts out of devotion. Your actions occur as a non-doer-ship. Automatically your life will become cheerful and enlightening as you evolve quickly, with the speed of light. When your life and meditation are intertwined, your actions and your thoughts work towards the same goal. So, life itself becomes an act of meditation. Your mind will remain the same all the time. Choose to crawl or run in your own evolution. — Satish Daryanani

Women runners dressed as hare and tortoise