A. You might meet a person after a year and the same complaints start. They are in the same situation. Your whole life will go by and you and your situations will remain the same. I saw a few Indian movies recently, which show the struggles of the poor people in India. Seeing what a poor, blind, crippled, deaf, or dumb person goes through, our struggles look so small. In the USA, even if a person makes $250,00 a year he still has financial problems. We all are in the same boat with financial, health, family, or social issues that consume us. To get out of the same rut, see those who are worse off then you. Slowly, gratitude will start to build. Your outlook in life will become more positive. The situations you are in may be the same. However, you are no longer the same. That is more important. — Satish Daryanani

Face of an impoverished man