A. This is one of the main teachings of my Spiritual Master. We unnecessarily get involved with so many things—especially when money is involved—we end up losing relationships. If you want to help, give to those who need help without expecting anything in return. You end up paying a heavy price to be a financial bridge for others. I wish I had listened to my Master and not gotten involved in such situations. The strength of “No” grows in the lives of the spiritual aspirants, as all they look for is peace. If you are doing it as a business, that is a different issue. There is profit and loss in that. It does not become personal. In life, most people face obstacles. You guide them, if needed, based on all that you have learned. This subject is for me to learn first. People might even think I have become heartless. That is fine. I cannot save the world, only myself. Today, on the 104th Birthday of my Beloved Master, I take a promise to never involve myself in things that do not concern me. I have been roasted enough. This lesson sounds selfish, yet being selfish has its benefits. You will avoid misunderstandings with people. They have to deal with their own karmic situations. All you can do is pray for them. Let the forces of nature take their course. You must not get caught up in that. Sorry Master, for not listening to You. — Satish Daryanani

Golden Bridge