A. The mind is limited, the soul is unlimited and all-pervading. The mind is the sum total of all your desires, thus inert and powerless. The soul lets the mind think it is conscious and powerful because the soul is reflected through it. The mind is the experiencer of every condition, both objective and subjective. The soul is the absolute—unaffected by any experience. The mind is mortal. The soul is immortal. The mind can make you a slave of the world. Awareness of the soul sets you free. The mind alone is the real person, the individual, the doer of actions. The mind is responsible for the cause and effect, for karma. The soul is free from cause and effect. The mind is the creative, enthusiastic, productive aspect of you. It can be your worst enemy or best friend. The soul is the source of what you are. Use both aspects of what you are. Use the mind for fun, duties, and service. Be aware of the soul to know the true self. — Satish Daryanani

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