A. Just as there are many ways to go to Rome, there are 8 billion ways to see God. Hence, there are 8 billion religions. There are infinite dishes to feed our physical hunger. Similarly, we have infinite ways to feed our spiritual hunger. You can get God through intense love or hatred for Him. The hatred has to be that intense. You can get Him by complete surrender or by taking everything on your own shoulders or by practicing tremendous austerities. You can lose yourself in the service for the world or stay in seclusion and enjoy Him in silence. I am not trying to put religious organizations, priests, or Spiritual Masters out of business. Use them all to inspire yourself, but create your own path. This is the freedom given to each one of us. Just as God cannot be defined, the paths cannot be defined. We fight over our religious beliefs, yet no two people practice their own religions in the same manner. One may only speak the truth, the other may think white lies are acceptable. No two minds are the same, so no two paths are the same. The only thing common is that those who truly see God have exactly the same experience. Those, who see God as a hallucination have different experiences. One way to try and describe God is that you see the reflection of your true self when your mind is a clear mirror. Nothing more can be said. This is God. — Satish Daryanani

Many roads lead to Rome