A. I have a good memory and I retain all the information in my mind—until yesterday. The thought came, ”If the Internal Revenue Service (the tax department of the USA) is only interested in our information for the past seven years, then why am I storing information longer than that in my mind?” I would store in my mind all the talks, the questions and answers with spiritual Masters. Instead, if I become a microphone and just relay the message given for a particular situation, or a particular group, or individual, then I do not have to store all the teachings in my mind. So, yesterday I felt like I lost 200 pounds by deleting all that excess information from my mind. When needed, the right thoughts will come for His service. I just want to let the spiritual Masters know that the time and energy I took asking questions of them is not wasted. Even though it is not stored on my mental hard drive any longer, this open mind is there to be used. Instead of me taking control of spreading the teachings, this microphone is ready to do as they please. — Satish Daryanani

squirrel with a blue hat holds a microphone