A. The simple answer is, “Stop driving!” If you have to drive, figure out alternate routes or alternate timings. Still, if you have no choice and have to face traffic jams, what are the options? First, look at the opposite side of the road. If they are going slower than you, thank God you are not on that side. If you are stuck in traffic and do not have to go through it daily, thank God you are saved from this. If you do this daily, then form a routine with this gift of free time given to you by the Lord. You can catch up on hands-free calls with your friends and family, listen to chanting on your radio, or have a nice conversation with the Lord. Plan your day correctly. Look at the other miserable souls around you and give them a smile. There is no such thing as a bad situation. We must have an ability to make the most out of any situation. When I used to travel with my spiritual Masters, a traffic jam meant I got to spend more time with them. Sometimes I still imagine they are sitting with me when the car is going nowhere and I, again, get to spend quality time with them. — Satish Daryanani

Traffic jam