A. If I had the answer, I would become a multi-billionaire. I’ll try: Women use their hearts and they get affected easily when someone hurts them. Living in a male-dominated world, they have to strive harder. Sometimes, women act tougher with other women. It is hard for a woman to balance her family life, career, and spiritual evolution. Those who have a strong will can excel faster than men. Women have less room for error, as their lives are being watched with magnifying glasses. I was shy around girls and could not communicate with them. Now, as I am slowly getting better at it, I am learning to see life from their points of view. They have a mother’s heart. Most of my body fat has come from their love for me because they feed me well. How to treat women is simple: Treat them with equality. Joke with them. They quickly can grasp deep thoughts. They have plenty of the patience needed to deal with me and are more forgiving. Please do not break their trust, as they get hurt easily. Tough women are like coconuts — hard outside, soft inside. Break the hard shell and make a new friend. The strength of a woman is under-estimated. Above all, see all the qualities that women have and pray for those qualities. I thank God for making women the way they are so my life is entertained all the time. — Satish Daryanani

Ms Florence Nightingale tending wounded soldiers.