A. Get a smart phone and even 24 hours a day will not be enough. There are those who work so hard, they do not have time to scratch their heads. There is no time to think of God, or any service, or self-contemplation. And here is a question on how to keep yourself busy when we already do not have enough time! Being busy with hands and feet is one thing, trying to keep your mind busy is another thing. We are busy trying to carry the whole world on our shoulders, like Atlas. We can worry about things that might not happen. We can be busy bees, minding everyone else’s business. Being busy is healthy. How you keep busy is more important. Analyze the past 24 hours and learn from the dos and don’ts. Quietly ask God for forgiveness for a specific situation, if needed. Spend time relaxing and having fun. You will become more efficient. Learn from the lives of saints and sages. Being fascinated with all creation is my favorite way of keeping busy. Everything around me is miracle. Connecting with the Magician has kept me busy. Realizing that I am trying to understand everything with my limited mind keeps me busy constantly. — Satish Daryanani

4 kids busy using smart phones