A. My spiritual Master told me that my heart was made of granite rock, in which seeds of grace could not germinate. I had no words to say; this was true. To be big-hearted, I had to become compassionate. My love for animals made me a vegetarian. It is easy to love animals because they do not push your buttons like human beings do. My enthusiasm and compassion inspired others to also turn to a vegetarian diet. Yet, this is not sufficient. It is those who are pure in heart for they shall see God, not those who are pure in mind. This makes your heart bigger, and to purify it you need to become selfless. This is my Achilles heel. I became stagnant for many years on this issue. Then, after all my efforts, grace poured in. The only way to make your heart grow is to first see the Lord in your heart. Not the physical heart on the left but in the center where He is sleeping. When you realize His existence, your life changes. Not only will you see His presence in you but also in everyone and everything. Now your heart becomes soft. The pain of humanity is felt. The self becomes less; that is how you become selfless. I feel that women are most fortunate in this aspect. They have innate motherly instinct and are naturally full of love and compassion. We, men, have an uphill battle. So, this is what is meant by bringing out the feminine side. The beautiful, caring, compassionate, loving heart of a mother and a Guru. — Satish Daryanani

Hearths being spread by an angel