A. The feeling of powerlessness comes when things do not go your way. Even if you are trying to serve the world, hurdles will appear before you. When you try to take the load of the world on your shoulders, you will feel powerless. Find the source of all power; like electricity, it is everywhere. All you have to do is get connected and then you are fully charged, the current starts flowing through you. How do you get that? When our parents take us to the church, mosque, synagogue, or temple, it is as if we are sitting in an electric substation. There, electricity is easy to access. You can also access this at home. Slowly, begin to experience the power that flows in you. Not only will you stop feeling powerless, but there will be a power surge. Now, to prevent an explosion, you will have to distribute the current. Then, when they are connected to you, you will be able to lift up all those who feel powerless. — Satish Daryanani


Lighting hitting man