A. Many years ago I was in London with my spiritual Master and He told me that everything in this world is an illusion—including the relationship between the Lord, the Master, and me. At the time, it was very painful for me to hear that. Later in life, I got it. The creator and the creation, both are illusions. The experiencer and the experience both are illusions. We know a movie is an illusion, yet we watch it for fun. We do not go in front of the screen and question why this or that. When we choose to make God real, out of our own free will, all the whys will disappear. Why am I suffering? Why is there poverty? Why are You not answering my prayers? Why are the oceans polluted? And so on. When you make God, or Masters, or the movies, and everything you choose to make real, strictly for your entertainment, you become wise. In not realizing this truth, you can continue to remain otherwise. — Satish Daryanani

Optical illusion