A. What we consider suffering is actually a blessing from the loving hands of the Lord. It is hard to see that in the beginning. Reformation takes a little rubbing and scrubbing, which may be painful now but, in time, you will see the benefits. It is the suffering from attachments that will make you detached. It is the pain of your desires not being fulfilled that will make you desire- less. Even the suffering for the Lord will lead you to merge with the Lord. Nothing in this world can be gained or realized without some kind of suffering. Please do not get me wrong from this statement. God has given up on that person that is not going through any suffering. When He thinks you have a chance to develop, he sends you the right dose. He has not given up on you. So, welcome suffering as a magic pill that will help you progress in life. — Satish Daryanani

Silhouette of kneeling man in surrender