A. We all would prefer to live in a place with a moderate climate, not the extreme temperatures of this planet. Moderation is what we seek. Yet, we work too much or too little. Some talk a lot, others speak a few words. Some spend a lot, others are misers. Some exercise so much they hurt their bodies, others do not get off of the sofa. How do you know what you are doing is in moderation? There is a joy that comes from moderation, as it is effortless, with no side-effects, no suffering, and a feeling of self-satisfaction. No one will tell you that you are overdoing or not doing anything. There is a perfect alignment between your mental, physical capabilities, and the resources given to you. You are full, with still a little hunger inside you. This outside moderation will lead you to the inner moderation — a perfect amount of devotion, peace, and wisdom. Then, you will feel as if you are living in Miami during the months of January and February. — Satish Daryanani

Miami, Florida