A. It is a strength and a weakness. A shy person does not confront another person. Shyness is also a sign of humility. A shy person has a soft demeanor and does not show anger. There is a charm that draws us to a shy person. On the other hand, shy people have trouble expressing themselves. They sometimes lack self-confidence and feel they cannot accomplish their goals. They will not come forward even for a good cause. Their feelings can get hurt easily. In life, we have to develop inner strength. We must face life knowing we have the backing of the Beloved. If you are shy and cannot speak in public, how will you spread the teachings? Let everyone see the Lord’s grace working through you. Only then will you become an inspiration to others. Do not be afraid of people’s reaction when you are doing your duty for which you are here on this earth plane. — Satish Daryanani

Shy girl