A. It depends on whether the criticism is constructive or not. If it comes out of anger, ego, or hatred, then the criticism is harmful to the one giving as well as to the one receiving. No one benefits. When I was around spiritual Masters, they criticized me a lot. It was for my growth. The same God is in everyone. If you are completely detached and with no selfish motive, it is okay to point out problems so that mistakes are not repeated. Most do not have that capacity. Until you do, please do not criticize others. You might be misunderstood. Sometimes, we criticize as a form of motivation. If not done correctly, the other person can lose their self-confidence. Before you criticize, see if you first need to work on the problem yourself. If you criticize someone for being late, make sure you are punctual in life. Be careful before the thought of criticism for another person comes. — Satish Daryanani

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