A.  It does not matter what job we do, it is how we do it — especially the ones who have government jobs and are secured for life. Even those who volunteer in non-profit organizations and do not take a pay check should still do their best. When we call the airlines, or hotels, or credit card companies, we sometimes get a person who really helps us, who goes above and beyond his or her call of duty. We thank them and send them our blessings. On the other hand, you can get someone who is not helpful at all. Even if you do your best, you may get laid-off due to corporate decisions of cost-cutting. In any situation, all you can do is your best. The attitude and effort you put towards everything in life is more important than the results of your actions. See all your actions from the recipient’s point of view. That caring should be there. When you do everything as an offering to the Lord and not for a paycheck, your life changes. You do not need to pray, meditate, go out and serve, give donations, visit holy places, or read scriptures. You are already living a spiritual life. The thought of God is in each action. So, whether you are the CEO or the teller at a bank, serve your customers as if you are serving God. Even if you get fired, you need not be concerned. The real Big Boss knows your value. He will find you something. No one wants to lose a sincere worker. Do your best and leave the rest. Simple. — Satish Daryanani