A. Yes. It is a good ego but still ego. It is your ego that gets bruised by someone. If you are not affected by the words or actions of another person, there would be no need to forgive. If we are affected by a stronger person, a family member, or our boss, we may still smile and be nice, without even showing that they affected us. On the other hand, we can vent our anger on a weaker person. In both cases, we are affected. Forgiveness is a selfish act. We benefit by letting go and removing the anger and hatred from our hearts. We celebrate Forgiveness Day on August 2nd. The only problem I have is thinking, “Who do I forgive?” I can only think of one person. Me. I forgive myself for being a pain in the butt to everyone. We must first be able to forgive ourselves, then only can we forgive others. I hope, one day, no one can affect you and the word forgiveness is removed from the dictionary. — Satish Daryanani

Forgiving hug between two women