A. If God depended on our actions for His satisfaction, He would be permanently miserable. Even Spiritual Masters do not depend for satisfaction on the actions of their devotees. If parents, family members, and friends only understood this, they would not get disappointed. Your job is to teach others with your own actions and not depend on the implementation of your teachings. God and the Masters have shown us the correct way to live and react. If we live that way, we benefit. They do not base their happiness on our performances. So, if you spread the teachings to someone, be free from caring about whether or not others truly understand and practice. Your job is to do your best. We want our efforts to bear fruit instantly. Sometimes it takes time for people to learn. The Masters are patient. One day, this fruit too will ripen. They do not give up hope. When we get tired of shedding tears like the Niagara Falls, as situations in life throw curve balls, only then can we work on living a perfect life, where our will is blended with God’s will. You, too, will be completely satisfied and no longer depend on God’s actions. Both you and He will be free from each other’s actions. — Satish Daryanani

Curve ball