A. It would be nice to do good and have a good heart. However, having a good heart is more important. Some good people do good from the fear of God. Some do good so that the world can see, some so that their conscience cannot prick them for all the wrong they have done. People do good so that their credit of good karma goes up and they can enjoy the fruit of that. On the other hand, the world might think that a person is a jerk, and yet he could have a good heart. There is no credit or recognition, as the world might not even know who has a good heart. Only the Spiritual Masters and the Lord know that. The ones who have a good heart will not even know they have one. It comes from grace. The purity of the heart grows with unconditional love for the Lord. Those with pure hearts feel they are heartless and not worthy to see the lord. Yet, because of their pure and good hearts, the Lord reveals Himself to them. So, pray to have a good heart. Leave being a good person to others. It is an easier path.—Satish Daryanani