A. Yes and no. It depends on many factors. When you visit Switzerland, you pass through many tunnels. Some are so long they seem to be endless. Eventually, the tunnel ends and you see daylight. So, physically, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Those of you going through challenges feel there is no light, that you are stuck permanently in the darkness of the tunnel in which you find yourself. That is why the answer is “yes and no.” Physical tunnels appear in the world, constructed by governments or private contractors. Your journey of life has tunnels created by you, and not by situations. As you have made your own tunnel, only you can find the light at the end. One who knows that nothing is permanent can be free from this situation. What seems to be a struggle today, will be a blessing when you realize the benefit. Simple theory: What goes up must come down. What is down must go up. Neither the tunnel nor the light at the end of the tunnel is permanent. You will be going through both situations in your life. Learn to enjoy both situations. Then, your life is like living in Switzerland permanently. — Satish Daryanani

man walktng toward light at the end of a tunnerl