A. Angels and sinners are the same where truth is concerned. Both the highly educated and the uneducated can reach the same goal. Having a spiritual guide makes it easier to attain, but an individual can also do it on his own. There are many ways to get there. Age is not a restriction but, the sooner you get there, the more time you have to enjoy it. Why do we need to discover the truth? We do not have to. We all want to remove our blindfolds when we get tired of playing the game of Hide-and-Seek. Then we can see and laugh at how, although our friends were right next to us, we could not find them. There are those who say: When grace pours, the truth will be discovered. Yes, grace is important. So, do your part in the meantime. What is your part? Sitting in silence and seeing the angel within. We are all angels but have cut off our wings by moving away from the truth. Truth is something that shows that we are all equal. The experience of truth is the same for one and all. This shows God loves us equally. The only difference is who wants it more. This, then, becomes your primary goal in life. You do not have to leave your family or your day job for it. You might have to take away at least 15 minutes from your smartphones and computers. Start with 15 minutes to infinite hours in trying to see the truth within yourself. You will find that, one day, it was time well spent. Then you, too, shall get your wings and be free. — Satish Daryanani

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