A. When you are struggling in life to take care of your basic needs, there is no fun in that. When you have made enough for your needs and still continue working just to keep yourself busy, then you are working for fun. Similarly, when you struggle to sit in silence, you try to save the world without knowing the truth. Have a whole bunch of questions starting with the word “WHY?” You get stuck on what religions tell you to do and what not to do. Sometimes you lose faith in the will of God. There is no fun in that. The fun comes with the realization that this is all a play and that each one of us is only playing our part. When you do not just understand this, in words, but truly realize it, then, the best is going to begin. The best is not reaching realization, but the new, endless journey that awaits you: the infinite wisdom: layers of nothingness; the layers of inner light and sound; the struggles of putting into words your inner experiences; that part of your life for which a human birth was given; and, above all–having the fun of confusing people with spirituality. — Satish Daryanani

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