A. A mischievous nature a young person is an indication of intelligence and good health. If this energy is channeled in the right direction, you will become a wonderful, intelligent person. At the same time, do not act mischievous with your elders. We have so much to learn from them. We need their blessings and experience. I was mischievous with my elders and, now, I regret it. Mischievous people get joy out of life from the smallest thing. They are positive-minded people, happy with their own mischievous thoughts. They entertain others and are easy to get along. They do not dwell on past sorrows; their minds are looking forward to the next thrill. They have realized that the most mischievous person is God. He lets the puppet think it has freedom even though all the strings are controlled by Him. Above all, the teachers in schools, colleges, and even the spiritual Masters, never forget the mischievous students. The good, boring ones are forgotten. — Satish Daryanani

2 Mischievous boys