A. The first natural response is to satisfy the love. The other is to sacrifice in love. For example, a parent has to send their child to a university that’s far away from home, and they sacrifice their love so that the child will benefit. If your loved one has had physical suffering for a long time, instead of praying for them to continue living, pray for them to move on. You are then sacrificing your love for them rather than satisfying your love of being with them. The hardest test comes when, as a spiritual aspirant, you reach the last stage, where you have to realize everything is an illusion — even the Lord and the spiritual Master. Rather than satisfying your love, thinking they are real, sacrifice is required to see that they are illusions. You will lose the fun of tasting sugar—to become sugar. When you get this, you are free from all suffering, even the physical death of the Master. Through this sacrifice of love, you are now liberated.—Satish Daryanani

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