A. A righteous person is one who is pure in thought, words, and deed — a well-anchored person who is not motivated by personal gains. He is pious, God-fearing, centered in the eternal self, has equanimity, and is tolerant towards all. A righteous person is full of virtues, like charity, nobility, sincerity, humility, simplicity. He has no ego, no lust, no greed, no crooked-mindedness, or vanity. Nothing can affect that person. A righteous person is full of adoration for all and has no enemies. He treats friends and foes alike. His word is his honor. You can even write a postdated check based on his word of honor. Above all, a righteous person does not know he is righteous. He thinks he is full of flaws, struggling like everyone else. Only those who are blessed to be around such a person can see these qualities. May we all become righteous people. — Satish Daryanani

Mahatma Gandhi