A. This world has fruit, which we enjoy—some are sweet, some bitter. When we get fed up with eating the bitter fruits, we try to elevate our souls. We start practicing silence, reading scriptures, and we go on spiritual retreats. Slowly, we start to experience peace and joy. As we elevate, our eyes look down at the world. We remember the sweet fruit we used to enjoy. All the austerities we practiced, the experiences we went through, are now of no value. We go back to the way we once were. This world will again make you go through challenging experiences. We are going up and down the branches of the same tree. Only those fortunate souls who have had enough of the bitter fruits from the world will rise up permanently. They know the price to pay to taste a few of the sweet fruit of the world. This temporary happiness that you get from outside is not going to enslave you anymore. When you have reached the state where nothing can attract you in the physical world, you are now free to come back. Enjoy the sweet fruits again. When the bitter fruits come in your life, you can again leave the world. So enjoy the peace, wisdom, and bliss of not being attached to the world. Come, play, and satisfy your taste buds when you want to enjoy the world. This is the true art of living. — Satish Daryanani

2 birds in a fruit tree