A. I used to wonder what blessings would the spiritual Masters seek. There are two. First, they seek the blessing of humility. Along with this, they should feel they are more egoistic today than they were yesterday. Not even in their subconscious should they feel that they are becoming humble. The second blessing is to get closer to God. Even though they have experienced the merger with God, being in the human form there is still a separation as fine as a strand of hair. They seek the blessings to get so close to the Lord that there is no word yet created to describe it. On the other hand, they must feel each day that they are walking further and further away from God. These two blessings, contradictions, is what we must all seek. On one hand, is the blessing to evolve; on the other, the blessing to not realize our spiritual growth: wanting and not wanting, getting and not realizing. The true blessing is when the one who is blessed feels that he has not yet earned the blessings. Craving for grace when you are already a manifestation of that grace. That is why great souls always bow down and seek your blessings. They know that the Lord is in everyone and hope they receive these two blessings. — Satish Daryanani

Dada and Swami Satchidananda feeding each other