A. The movie, “Bohemian Rhapsody,” addresses this as it tells the story of the musical group Queen. The lead singer was from a Zoroastrian faith from India. He changed his name to Freddie Mercury, not wanting anything to do with his past for it gave him an inferiority complex. Over time, you slowly start losing your identification. You get lost. With all the success in the world there is an empty feeling. The race, religion, culture, family background you are born into is perfect for you. It is given to you for your development. If others see faults in you, tell them that it is the manufacturer’s defect, not your fault. Do not feel inferior to anyone as you have qualities and duties only you can perform. This is coming from a person with average intelligence, looks, athletic abilities, qualities, height, and above average waistline — yet there is no one to whom I feel inferior. Those better than me in any field inspire me to improve. My name is not easy to spell or pronounce in the western world. Yet I have kept it so that when people who remember me, will never forget my name. Do not be a lamb in life, roar like a lion, because you are the child of the King of the jungle. — Satish Daryanani

Roaring lion