A. If everything runs smoothly in your life and you receive a lot of compliments from everyone, you will be happy. If people criticize you and put you down, or if you face financial, health, or family issues, then you have a chance to change. This change has only two outcomes. You lose faith and get depressed or you turn towards God and become a stronger individual. Your ego is crushed and you let go completely. This is a gift given by God when He sees potential in you. Sometimes we feel that people with no faith, who do wrong things, have nice comfortable lives. It is because they have no chance to change. It is only with tremendous heat that gold gets purified. Raw gold has no shine. When you become a finished product, people want you. In every aspirant’s life and in your life, there is this one moment that will you toward God, or Self-realization. It could be a sentence you read or hear that pierces your heart. “ENOUGH!” This cry should come from within. You can change only if you want to. Grace only plays a part in creating the correct environment to help you change. Get fed up of your existing life to realize and enjoy your true self. — Satish Daryanani

Gold melt pouring from a furnace