A. We put our efforts in various things and often times see no rewards, so we get discouraged. People who exercise and go on diets to lose weight often see no results and give up. Even those who try to meditate get discouraged when they are not able to control their minds instantly. There is no barometer to check your spiritual evolution. When you give half your mind to something, the results does not take place. Collect the dissipated rays and give your full mind to things–then you will have instant success. If you do that for God, even God will appear instantly. There is nothing you cannot achieve when you put your mind to it. Then you are courageous. The “dis” – disappears. The problem is we really do not want anything. We just say we want it. That is the reason we give half our mind. There is a saying, “You want it, you got it.” Your mind is so powerful that you can align the forces of nature to your thoughts. It becomes your slave. You become a beacon of encouragement to everyone. Discouragement and encouragement are only opposite states of mind. — Satish Daryanani

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