A. Our stars can put us on a path so that everything we do is profitable. We feel that we are so smart and talented that whatever we do leads to success. Our ego grows as our stars have put us on a successful path. One day, when the same stars put us on a path of loss, we then blame the stars and not our incapacities. Our faith is tested at this time. If you realize that both these situations come from the loving hands of the Lord, and for your good, then your ego will neither be boosted nor will you get depressed and lose faith. The ups and downs that come from your stars are not rewards and punishments for your past doings. Rather, everything that comes to you is to reform you, to make you better today than you were yesterday. The world might praise you in your success and make fun of you when you are down. You are not affected by the world. Use your stars as a navigation tool to guide you in the darkness of this world. — Satish Daryanani

star-filled sky