A. It all depends on the length of the delay. If the delay is a short one, all you can do is walk around and use your phone. The longer the period of the delay, the more options you have. First, you can write a few thoughts down. Then, tell yourself that this time is a bonus. What you had to do at your destination cannot be done. You have free time. This is a gift from the airlines. They should charge you for it. Watching people is also fun. Some even eat more than you. Most importantly, analyze if you are affected. This unplanned time should become your life. You are neither at your previous destination nor at your final one. You are in the no man’s land. You are stuck. This is life. Our flight is delayed for 80 years, going nowhere. We are waiting in this airport of life. The flight that we are all waiting for is the one that will set us free from this airport. In the meantime, I have a trapped audience. All are, like me, stuck here. Take advantage of the opportunity to transform someone. They are also bored and need entertainment. Prisons and airports have good audiences. People have nowhere to go. Those who can make the most use out of the airport will even forget about the flight. When the time comes for you to “really” take off, you might just miss being at the airport.

Airport wait