A. When someone breaks up from a relationship, they put themselves down, especially if their ex-partner has moved on. They even think that they may spend the rest of their lives alone. What we think of ourselves is often caused by the experiences we go through. So, if our outside situation changes, our thinking about ourselves changes. If we go through a financial crisis, we think we are useless. On the other hand, if we achieve great success, we think we are smart, creative, and courageous. The outside experiences will always change; what you are does not. The strengths that you have will always be with you. Feeling self-pity gets you nowhere. This is why all the teachings are only for one purpose: Discover the real you. Then all the ups and downs of life will not affect the real you. Neither will the highs of life make you an egotist nor the lows of life make you lose your confidence. People can post anything about you on social media and you can laugh at it, as they do not know the real you. They are only showing their own insecurities by posting. As people get older and start losing their physical capabilities, they start putting themselves down. When you know your true self, you will only think of yourself as the fortunate one who is here for one purpose — to help others also find themselves and be free from the suffering of ignorance. — Satish Daryanani

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