A. We love Harry Potter and other magic shows. We keep our eyes open, trying not to blink, in order to catch the magicians doing their tricks. Yet they deceive us. They have good hands, and we would like to know how they do it. They put in a lot of effort to master the tricks. Those who are very religious do not approve of magic, as they think it leads to black magic. That is totally another subject. I am only talking about magic in the form of entertainment. The greatest magic show is by the Lord, and it’s happening every second. If we can see that, then we get free entertainment all the time–for example, a flower blooming, a moth turning into a butterfly, a useless person like this one sending thoughts daily. The greatest magician provides the illusions of sunrise and sunset, the colors of leaves changing in the fall, the northern lights in Iceland, and so many others, all for us to see. I try to understand how He does the tricks. As with any magician, we cannot understand how the tricks are done. Simply have fun being deceived. Then, the magician has done a good job. — Satish Daryanani

A young magician shows card tricks.