A. The entire world, including the stock market, is driven by fear and greed. That is why the prices go up and down so fast. Long-term investors put aside their savings monthly and do not get affected by the daily roller coaster ride. Religious people, too, live with greed for heaven and fear of hell. In our lives, when things are good, we get greedy for more; when we go through challenging times, we bury ourselves in fear—both are our natural instincts. If you can handle it, enjoy this ride. If you are tired and want to be free, then, realize both are not permanent. Nothing can remain the same permanently, except my reaction, that is in my control. The stock market and everything from the outside world goes up and down. Spirituality is not only for seeing God, it also gives you the correct way to live. All that is happening is not in your control. Sitting in silence and analyzing your life is in your hands. So, have the fear of displeasing the Lord, have the greed of trying to get as close to Him as possible, and all the greed and fear of worldly stuff will automatically drop away from your life. — Satish Daryanani

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