A. Each one of us will have a different answer to this question. Each one of us has something that makes our life worth living. Even God has a specific purpose for us. Three things give my life meaning: One is to spread the teachings that come from within and from being around Spiritual Masters. The second is to have fun—fun from experiencing the divine in everything, from enjoying this entire creation, from enjoying the grace and having gratitude for the giver of this grace. In spite of knowing that whatever I do is not in my control, I still take credit for my doings. I think that the world benefits from my existence. The third thing that gives my life meaning is knowing that this life is an endless journey—to evolve, to learn, and to experience as much as I can. This year is coming to an end soon. I wonder, “The person that I was a year ago, where did he go? Was he even there?” The person who used to react, think, and understand things should feel that a whole lifetime has gone by, and not just a year. So, with the coming of each new year, a whole new person is re-born. What gives your life meaning should change annually, as the person which you think you were the previous year died. The new year brings the birth of a new soul. Thank God 2018 is over, so we can say good riddance to that crazy person who is not here anymore. — Satish Daryanani

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