A. Earth is one of the planets in the solar system. It is one of the fields for experiencing the outcomes of good, bad, and mixed actions, and for initiating actions. Not only is it a place of action, it is also a place of experience. It is a place where thoughts, as well as the consequences of actions, get manifested. It is a bundle of atoms, a form of energy. It is one of the fields where we can fulfill our desire. Each one is an individual, separate, yet all the same. It is one of the stop-overs in our evolution, a temporary rest-stop in our never-ending journey. Here, we are all farmers sowing the seeds of our labor. The abundance of beauty for us to enjoy is a gift from the Lord. We become caretakers of this rest-stop. Let us not forget that Earth is only a speck in this universe. This is not your real home. It is only a place for you to enjoy while learning and resting. — Satish Daryanani

Planet Earth