A. On judgement day, people think that St. Peter, or God, or someone is going to judge you based on your thoughts, words and actions during your lifetime. You either get rewarded or punished for those things. Based on that fear, we do our best to live life correctly. Now, have you seen a mother sit and judge all the actions of her child? She does not even have to forgive her child, as nothing affects enough for her to forgive. We think God created us so He can judge us for all that we do. Along with this gift of life, He also gave us a conscience, to guide us on the correct path. We follow our conscience, not from the fear of our judgement day, but so as to not displease our Beloved. Those who are able to sit in silence do not want our conscience to prick us and disturb the nectar within. Nothing is worth crossing that line. Judgement day occurs daily when you are with yourself. That person who is supposed to judge you at the moment of your death is now out of a job. — Satish Daryanani

Judge in a wig