A. Karma Yoga is the Yoga of service. It requires action. Mother Teresa is the best example of this path. In the beginning, even she started losing faith in God. After seeing so much suffering around yourself, you start doubting Him. This path can also create a subtle ego, as you feel you are doing something. Some even go through depression, as they deal with people and get consumed. Even an ax can get blunt if continuously used without being sharpened. In order to do service, we, too, need to work on ourselves. We sharpen and recharge our batteries by connecting to the peace within. Only when you understand the truth, that all this is an illusion, will you not be affected by your service. If you are involved in a lot of service, you do not have to stop. Keep reminding yourself, you are doing nothing, everything is happening through you. Then the people you serve cannot affect you. — Satish Daryanani

Mother Terese