The act of sharing wealth with others is called philanthropy. To help others with the wealth you have is a good act, however, the truth is no one is truly a philanthropist. If everything is given by the Lord, and we are only custodians, then how are we giving donations? I feel I am a thief, keeping a very large portion for my personal use while being in charge of the Lord’s treasury. I cannot justify the amount I withdraw for my personal use with the amount of effort I put in. Even the deal I made for the wealth within was to share it with others. It was given for that. Instead, all I give is a daily thought and a few lectures; and I meet and talk with a few thirsty souls. In the meantime, I over-indulge in the nectar within. Maybe that is why I have put on some weight. Both kinds of wealth, spiritual and material, come from the Lord and should be distributed. Otherwise, you will feel that you are a thief. Keep some for your needs, but even the Lord’s treasury cannot satisfy your greed. So, the word “philanthropy” should be removed from the dictionary. — Satish Daryanani

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