A. No words can describe the feeling of when you live in the permanent awareness of God’s perfection. How can the words, “Thank You” express that feeling of gratitude? We keep one day of the year to thank the Lord. We have a nice meal, meet family members, and thank God for the bounty given to us. Instead, we should use that one day to take a break from thanking God. Those who realize everything is a loan given by the Lord will complain: Lord, You have given me much more than my needs. By doing so, You have increased my workload in sharing with all those whose needs are greater than mine. On top of that, my debts to You keep on increasing. With so many loans, You have me as a customer for life. But, I will still thank You on Thanksgiving Day. Thank You, Lord for giving me an extra holiday. Thank You for three football games on T.V. Thank You for the big budget movie released for me to see during this time. Tomorrow, I will go back to complaining about the abundance of love and grace from You, for the abundance of wealth from within which is difficult to share, for giving me more than I need so I am putting on weight. Above all, I cannot ask for anything, as Your perfection crushes my intelligence. Most important, thank You for the great deals on Black Friday. — Satish Daryanani

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