A. Philosophy is when a person does not know what he is saying and the person listening cannot understand what he is saying. Many people think spirituality and philosophy are similar. They are poles apart. Real spirituality is simplicity. Philosophy shows that you have a lot of knowledge. Spirituality makes you humble. Philosophy can boost your ego. Philosophy uses the intellect of a person. Spirituality uses the heart of a person. Philosophy is put into words. Spirituality is put into practice. Philosophy is a subject that can be taught in a university. Spirituality can only be experienced through silence. Philosophers can be compared. True spiritual teachers are all one and the same. In philosophy, you can get a degree, whereas, in spirituality, you lose all your degrees. So, these thoughts are not philosophical. They are only a guide to put you on the path of realizing that you are actually a spirit. That is true spirituality. — Satish Daryanani

Philosophier's Rock, Barton Springs, Austin TX