A. The knowledge that is available in the world is limitless, it has no ceiling. There is also an abundance of wisdom within that we can tap. Retirement and death are only a part of our journey. Making money has no limits. We can do endless service and we will not make even a dent in the needs of humanity. Even trying to be humble is endless. As long as we are in the human form, there will be a subtle ego. There are endless layers of inner peace. Giving and receiving love has no bounds. The real destination in our lives brings us to realize that there is nothing in this world with a destination. Everything is an endless journey, yet we put up barriers. Believing in heaven and hell is only a part of our journey, not our destination. Trying to become a better person creates a constant battle with our own minds. Now that you know this truth, put no limit on anything. For example, if I become a millionaire, a billionaire, a doctor, a retiree, or a realized soul, what then? There is more, much more. Set goals to inspire you but, in the back of your mind, know that there is no peak in any aspect of your life. — Satish Daryanani

mountain climber on snowy slope