A. The simple answer is the fear of death. Then, all the fears are gone. There is still another major fear. This major fear is that of losing our mind willingly. Even those who can sit in silence and enjoy peace and wisdom have to go through a last big step before they can truly enjoy the world within, a world which is full of light. It’s like scenes you see in movies, where particles stream out from the arm and the body slowly disappears into the ether till there is no person left. Similarly, to enter the light, pieces of our mind, our thoughts, our knowledge, our religious beliefs, our desires, our identities have to disappear. The hard-drive of the mind has to be rebooted. Only then can the inner world be enjoyed. The stronger the thoughts in a person such as, “I don’t understand,” “I don’t believe,” “I don’t agree,” the less the chance of seeing the inner world. This fear is your barrier to enjoying the gift of gifts. — Satish Daryanani

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