A. I just saw the movie, “The Nutcracker.” It tells the story of finding the key to a music box. When the key was found and the box unlocked, the character was disappointed. She found nothing inside. Then, later, she discovered a small mirror behind the mechanism and saw her own reflection. She got the answer. Everything is within you. When you go inside, you will be disappointed to see nothing. All your efforts were for nothing. Then, when your mind is clear as the small mirror, you will see the reflection of your true self. That divine self and you are one and the same. Unlocking this truth is the key to everything. Then the music of ecstasy starts to play. Now, you can dance to this music, which comes from within. Everything that you will ever want comes true. Discover the key to unlock the treasure of treasures. Then you will be living in a Disney movie permanently. — Satish Daryanani

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