A. Today, we use the words, “Karma,” “Om Shanti,” and “Jesus Christ,” without realizing the value of them. If I am using my Beloved’s name, Jesus Christ, it should be with that love, reverence, and gratitude, not out of frustration, “Jesus Christ!” or “Om Shanti!” to tell people to take it easy. These have now become slang. Those who use it are complacent, docile, and do not value time. If you tell them they are running late, they utter “Om Shanti.” The real Om Shanti is experienced when a person goes within and drinks the nectar of deep inner peace, and you see the reflection of that nectar on their face. Those, who like to put off things for tomorrow, which never comes, use these words. Those who believe not only in doing things today, but yesterday, do this. The one who really has experienced Om Shanti will never use these words. In the same manner, the one who utters the holy name of Jesus Christ will do so with a broken voice from the pain of love for his Beloved. — Satish Daryanani

woman in sincere prayer