A. I do not know. You come to know that you are, that you exist. What is of greater importance to you than the fact that you exist? The most important thing is your beingness or consciousness, but the “I am-ness” is the quality of your physical body. This physical body and mind can only give us worldly knowledge, and we are proud of that. This awareness is the child-like consciousness within all of us. We are born with it. The transformation into adult conscience is the journey of our lives. Material knowledge is ignorance. Divine knowledge is adult consciousness—the real I. Being born is not consciousness, but a blessing. The blunder is in thinking we are only human beings. The only thing that changes is that you become the knower of the consciousness. All the pleasure of your achievements drops. The true self is free from the body, and leaving the body becomes blissful. All your knowledge dissolves into true wisdom. True wisdom does not dissolve. When I do not know turns to knowing, the purpose of human birth is complete. — Satish Daryanani

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