A. The mind is the most powerful instrument. The thoughts that come from the mind are extremely powerful. In the beginning, you and I may not know its power. As you develop focus and willpower, you will slowly realize the power of the mind. In movies, you might have seen the power of the mind. Jesus could heal people, walk on water. Moses could part the sea, and so on. Even if you get this gift, do not use it for your own benefit. Use it sparingly for the sake of others. You can even heal yourself, yet you will still go through the suffering, as the more you suffer, the stronger your mind becomes. It is ironic. The more power you get, the less you will use it. It is like someone has $100 billion, but still makes more—not for himself. This power of the mind is used to give grace and wisdom, and sometimes to heal and guide others so they, too, can tap into this inner strength, which is in all of us. — Satish Daryanani

parting seas