A. If every thought sent was great, there would be no appreciation. Mediocre thoughts enhance the good ones. Movies, plays, books, and television shows also have mediocre moments so we can appreciate the great ones. When this mediocre person traveled with the spiritual Masters, it was to enhance them. Their wisdom, love, and sense of humor shone through. Everyone has a purpose. Not all have to be great. When grace is one day poured on a mediocre person, even grace gets enhanced. People will say, “This crazy good-for-nothing person is now spreading the teachings.” They cannot believe it is the same person they have known for so many years. A mediocre person can either become an A-plus student of life or can become a F student. They are in between. They are neither a lost cause nor have they completely evolved. Only grace can move them to A-plus. — Satish Daryanani

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